About PDA and LEAD

Purpose. Dignity. Action. is an umbrella organization that houses programs that people may be familiar with, such as Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion/Let Everyone Advance with Dignity (LEAD).

LEAD is a proven strategy to reduce harm and increase safety and equity by responding to low-level illegal or problematic behavior. With LEAD, stakeholders collectively ensure that long-term, community-based care, and coordination is the primary response for people who commit, or are at high risk of committing, law violations due to their behavioral health challenges and/or chronic poverty.

LEAD engages individuals referred and approved with services that create long term behavior change. We do this by connecting them to case managers, with whom they set individual goals and work to obtain those goals through accessing relevant supports. These supports include, but are not limited to, accessing legal income, addressing medical needs, addressing court obligations, obtaining identification and documents, substance use disorder treatment, mental health care, housing, and accessing stable income.

LEAD rests on coordination among police, prosecutors, case managers, and neighborhood leaders. Information is shared pursuant to a Release of Information that allows case managers to be in dialogue with other partners to ensure their response fosters stabilization and is most likely to support improvement in the person’s situation. All information shared by participants and case managers is shared voluntarily, in the interest of case coordination.

If you are Law Enforcement, please use this link to make a Social Contact Referral: https://leadkingcounty.microsoftcrmportals.com/lereferral/